Posted by: kdmakdma | June 16, 2008

The #1 Reason to Ditch Your Stripcut Shredder

by Kevin D. Murray, CPP “Unshredding” shredded documents is nothing new. Our client family has been hearing this warning from me for over 30 years now.Reconstruction can be accomplished by hand; most notably, when the Iranians took over the American Embassy in Tehran around 1980 (example).


What is news is that the once defunct web site is back, with new owners, and a new product.Once a back-room government parlor trick, computer automated document reconstruction is now available to the general public!
• $90. for a one month trial.
• $950. per year, per computer.
Each license includes 100 free paper trays (one time use only), about $1. per scan thereafter.
Ditch every stripcut (and partial stripcut) shredder in your company. They do not provide adequate business-level information security. Use crosscut, particle-cut or pulping shredders. Alert your Purchasing Department… “No more crummy stripcut shredders!”

Bulk wastepaper destruction companies serving your area…
The National Association for Information Destruction, Inc.
(Search “Certified Members”)
More shredding tips here.


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