Posted by: Bruce Harman | June 27, 2008

Campus Violence Prevention and Response

Campus Violence Prevention and Response: Best Practices for Massachusetts Higher Education, prepared by the consulting group Applied Risk Management, LLC. The study focuses on prevention and multi-departmental cooperation in ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff at any institution of higher education.

Bruce Harman



  1. Nice compilation of current prevention/response measures in place and suggested best practices. Findings track with my own findings from assessments of New England higher ed campuses and those of other areas of the country. Two issues I’d like to bring up. One is overcoming culture to implement best practices. For example, faculty have most contact with students yet culturally it is anathema to ‘report’ students who are ‘different,’ ‘unique,’ or just ‘expressing themselves’ through violent writings or speach. Similarly, video surveillance is resisted as a tool of ‘the establishment.’ The second I’d like to bring up is adding ‘classroom doors lockable from the interior’ without windows that can be used to unlock them. Nearly all classrooms I encounter can’t be locked or have an unreinforced window next to the lock. At Va Tech some victims were shot through the unlockable door while trying to hold it shut against the shooter.

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