Posted by: Curtis Baillie, CSC | February 19, 2010

IAPSC Member Kevin Murray Develops New Electronic Bug Detector

This is not an advertisement for AirPatrol . I thought this was important news for the electronic bug detection industry.

IAPSC Member Kevin D. Murray developed a new instrument for locating GSM electronic eavesdropping bugs.

GSM Bugs operate like mini cell phones. Simply insert a pre-paid SIM card and listen in from anywhere in the world via telephone. ( These bugs began flooding the market recently; less than $60. on eBay. ( Murray’s new instrument detects and triangulates the location of the bugs on a laptop computer map. It was debuted in its final form in January, 2010.

Development on the project started last year when Kevin realized there was no instrumentation to counter this type of eavesdropping threat. After some research, Murray decided to use AirPatrol, Inc. technology. They understood his need for portability, and further developed their system to achieve a solution.

Kevin’s project is one example of an consultant working with a manufacturer to develop a security solution, while remaining independent. 

This article can also be found in the Winter addition of the Independent Security Consultant.



  1. Congratulations, Kevin. You make us proud to have you in the membership.


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