Posted by: Curtis Baillie, CSC | April 6, 2010

IAPSC Member Jim McGuffey, CPP writes about “Insight into the Armored Car Industry” and “Security Risk Assessment”

Insight into the Armored Car Industry

During the audits, a review of policies is also conducted to ensure contractual compliance. While many facilities and cash rooms are monitored with new digital CCTV systems, some are not. All too often, customers request to review a tape during an investigation or incident only to learn that the tape was not reviewable due to the system not working or poor visibility. In some cases the play back time between frames was too lengthy to be useful in the investigation. Customers who assume that carriers storing millions of dollars would have state-of-art security systems in place and even something as important as a back-up generator, may be in for a rude awakening when funds go missing or currency is not able to be processed due to power failure.

Security Risk Assessment

One cannot read the daily news without learning of numerous security incidents ranging from white collar crimes such as embezzlement where a banking executive created lines of credit using fictitious names and transferring funds into accounts controlled by the individual or partners in the scheme to violent street crimes, such as serious assaults occurring in hotels and other businesses as the result of inadequate or poor security practices.

I strongly encourage risk assessments for all size businesses, whether the local pharmacy, retail store, church, apartment dwelling, bank, grade school, university, insurance agency, beauty shop or large commercial multi-story building providing work spaces for thousands of employees. Following are three important reasons for risk assessments; there are many more.


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