Posted by: Curtis Baillie, CSC | September 25, 2010

Ten Top Reasons to Join the IAPSC

1. Membership – Membership in an exclusive professional association only for independent security consultants.

2. Website Listing – Website directory of consultants and experts available to potential clients, who search our site looking for qualified professionals.

3. Liability Insurance – Substantial discounts are available for professional liability insurance with savings that will likely more than pay for IAPSC membership dues.

4. Partnerships – Ability to partner with other members for large or complex projects.

5. Referrals, Referrals, Referrals – Be actively involved in the Association and get new business referrals from other members.

6. Annual Conference – Networking opportunities and educational programs specially tailored for professional security consultants.

7. Best Practices – IAPSC members are and have been in a unique position to help develop and implement industry best practices.

8. Speaker’s Bureau – Media contacts and speaking engagements are available to Association members.

9. Research and Standards – Available to members only, access to the most current research abstracts on crime prevention methods and an extensive list of national security standards.

10. Professional Affiliations – Members gain access to the Association of Security Consultants, a British based international group, plus the Security Executive Council,a research and services organization offering solutions to security management problems.

View the IAPSC Membership summary.


  1. Pablo –

    If you go to you can view the membership qualifications and the cost to join.

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