Posted by: Curtis Baillie, CSC | October 1, 2010

IAPSC Member, Paul Timm, PSP to conduct SIW School Security webinar

School Security 101: No-cost and Low-cost Ways to Boost School Security

Paul Timm, PSP

Join veteran school security consultant Paul Timm, PSP for an hour-long program featuring 20+ ideas for how your school can improve security without spending money. Timm, whose firm has been working with schools to improve security for over 25 years, will share ideas for procedural changes that can be made within the school’s existing structure; these are changes that can directly benefit school security and aid in protection of students, teachers, staff and physical assets. His program will cover a variety of strategies you can use immediately, including visitor management, school security funding resources, crisis communications, facility usage guidelines, offender registries, technology risks, tip lines and more. This program will pull together some of Paul Timm’s best ideas – ideas which he has seen school administrators and security personnel implement with great success.

Expect to learn about:

• Procedural changes to improve security
• Visitor management improvements
• Threat reporting & anonymous tip lines
• The best school funding resources
• Criminal & sex offender databases
• Improving school access control
• School emergency/crisis communications

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