Posted by: Curtis Baillie, CSC | January 26, 2011

IAPSC 2011 Conference “Early Bird” Registration

[Looking for information about IAPSC’s upcoming 2012 Annual Conference? Click Here]

The IAPSC Conference “early bird”  registration fee is good through March 15, 2011. Register now and save.

If you are an ASIS Member and not a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, you can register for the same price as IAPSC Members. See you in San Diego!

If you are an exhibitor, click here to download an exhibitor information packet and submit the enclosed registration form.

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) invites you to participate in IAPSC 2011, the 27th Annual Conference in San Diego, California. IAPSC members include top consultants in a variety of security specialties. While our association is relatively small compared to some other professional security associations, the financial and programmatic impact of our work is significant. In one recent twelve-month period, IAPSC members influenced over $168 million in security spending by their clients. (See included survey). The majority of these expenditures resulted from technology design/specifications, security program development (proprietary and contract), recommendations for pre-employment screening services, and a host of other security-related purchasing decisions.


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