Posted by: John M. White, CPP, CHPA | March 2, 2012

John M. White, CPP, CHPA, President/Principal Consultant At Protection Management, LLC was recently published in the Journal of Healthcare Protection Management.

Mr. White’s article is titled; “Security’s Role In Morgue Operations: Needed – A Foolproof Plan.”

Healthcare security is changing fast as a result of the increased violence in the healthcare setting.  Just this week alone there have been two shootings within hospitals in two different states.  According to Homeland Security News Wire, “Over the past decade, hospitals across the nation have been subject to an alarming increase in violent incidents; in the last five years alone, there has been nearly a 300 percent increase in the number of reported homicides, assaults, and rapes compared to the previous five years.”

So with this serious problem unfolding daily, why would some hospitals use their security staff for duties not related to security?  It is past time to make positive changes within Healthcare Security according to Mr. White, security’s role must be to protect and keep the environment safe so that the medical staff can provide quality healthcare.

John has over 14 years in healthcare security management experience, and has been quoted and published in several professional journals and news sources.  To see this most recent article click on the link below or go to the Protection Management website at Protection Management, LLC.

Security’s Role In Morgue Operations


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