Posted by: iapscparker | October 3, 2012

Hospital Staffing Metrics Article

IAPSC Member Karim H. Vellani, CPP, CSC has been working on a hospital security staffing benchmark project for the past two years. Below is the article, “Staffing Benchmarks: How Many Security Officers are Enough?” written by Vellani, Robert J. Emery, and Nathan Parker, which tells the story to date:

“Because of the unique role they fulfill within their communities, hospitals often serve as a hub of human activity. In the U.S., hospitals employ over 5,000,000 individuals, making it the second largest source of private sector jobs in the country (AHA 2012). In 2008, hospitals in the U.S. treated 123,000,000 people in their emergency departments, provided care for 624,000,000 outpatients, performed 27,000,000 surgeries, and delivered 4,000,000 babies (AHA 2012). Unfortunately, accompanying this massive amount of human activity is a variety of security risks.” read more >

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