Posted by: iapscparker | November 12, 2012

IAPSC Submits Comment Letter Opposing NFPA 730: Premises Security Guide

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has opened for public comment the next revision of the NFPA 730: Premises Security Guide. What is important for you to note is that NFPA is proposing to change the NFPA 730 Guide to a Code. IAPSC is strongly opposing this change and has submitted a comment form and letter to the NFPA.

Click here to download IAPSC’s comment letter to the NFPA

While the NFPA may be well intended in its efforts to develop security guidelines and standards, the Association lacks the requisite skill, knowledge and experience in the security industry to enter into the development of a national premises security code. The proposed draft of NFPA 730 demonstrates that lack of knowledge regarding the complexities of managing security programs and understanding the specific security needs of a wide range of businesses and organizations. The draft of NFPA 730 is replete with numerous vague, unclear and undefined terms.

The legal implications of making NFPA 730 into national code are far-reaching and significant. In the civil liability context, in some jurisdictions a violation of code can constitute negligence per se (i.e., absolute liability – the mere failure to comply with the code results in liability imposed by a court) and in others, evidence of negligence. At the very least, the failure to comply with code can lead to substantial fines and the possible loss of a business license (for example, if a hotel were to lose its occupancy permit due to a code violation, then the hotel would be put out of business).

As a representative of the security industry, it is critical that you help in opposing this significant proposed change, by submitting your own comment form. There is strength in numbers: the more comment forms submitted, the more attention this matter is likely to receive.

Comments are due to the NFPA on or before November 16, 2012.

Address your comment form to:
National Fire Protection Association
Attn.: Secretary, Standards Council
1 Batterymarch Park ∙ Quincy, MA 02169-7471  -or-
Fax to:  (617) 770-3500   -or
Email to:

Information on the proposed changes:
NFPA 730 First Draft Report (PDF) for the proposed next edition and submission of comments via the NFPA Public Comment form.

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