Certified Security Consutant (CSC)

The following people are Certified Security Consultants in good standing:

List of Certified Security Consultants

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants has created the Certified Security ConsultantSM designation for professional, independent security consultants. The CSCSM reflects a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and integrity and will be the recognized standard for Security Consultants.

The CSCSM demonstrates your depth of knowledge, professional objectivity, skills as a security consultant, and level of integrity. In keeping with the professionalism of the IAPSC, the CSCSM qualifications are designed to screen out product-affiliated salesman who call themselves security consultants. The CSCSM requires a combination of experience and education, as well as independence (professional objectivity) and adherence to a Professional Code of Ethics. No grandfathering of CSCSMs will occur. The CSCSM is another wrench in your marketing tool box that separates you from the competition. Our clients recognize the value of certification, especially one that has the backing and credibility of the premier security consulting association.

Earning your certification consists of meeting the qualification and an internet-based 100-question multiple choice examination which includes consulting practices, security management, and business ethics. The objective exam is hosted on a secure internet server and your score will not be shared with anyone outside the IAPSC’s management company. A formal plan for re-certification is being developed and will be consistent with other professional certifications. Re-certification will likely be required every three years. There will also be a nominal re-certification fee.


  1. Just follow the link I have provided and you will see the qualifications and certification process: http://www.iapsc.org/certification/qualifications

    • how do i register for exams of csc

      • Zems,
        You can find information for registering for the CSC exam on the IAPSC.org website under “Certifications”.

  2. how do enrol for csc exams

    • Zems,
      You can find information about the qualifications and test for the CSC exam on the IAPSC.org website under “Certifications”.

  3. working as a designer/integrator outside consulting firm considered be cosidered as experience?

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