IAPSC History

How did this organization reach its outstanding position?

In 1984, under the leadership of independent security consultant Charles Sennewald with the support of Security World Magazine and the International Security Conference (ISC), seventeen interested parties representing all parts of the United States met for a founding meeting at the Barnabey Hotel in El Segundo, California. During the two-day meeting, the founders discussed the mission of the proposed organization, adopted by-laws including membership requirements; and, among other matters, set forth a statement of purpose:

The purpose of the IAPSC is to establish and maintain the highest possible standards in the security consulting profession. For that purpose the Association will provide opportunities for the professional enhancement of the members and will promote greater awareness of the objective standards of its membership.

The IAPSC began slowly to grow as more and more security consultants saw in the organization the opportunity to interact and “network” with their peers. The independent security consultant no longer had to live a lonely life with no one in his profession to talk to and with whom to exchange ideas. Annual meetings have been held ever since 1984 in delightful locations all over the country. The annual meetings serve as programs for professional enrichment. Guest speakers who are experts themselves in various fields conduct seminars and give lectures to attendees. Occasionally, members themselves conduct portions of meetings to enlighten other members in the special expertise employed by the experts. The variety of meeting locations also serves to broaden cultural experience for both the members and their spouses.

Several members have performed duties as Executive Director of IAPSC. Currently, the organization employs a professional management firm to handle its affairs, and the association is run by elected officers and a volunteer, elected Board of Directors.

The IAPSC is an organization of peers. No member is considered better than another, and frequent elections prevent any small group from dominating the association. The strict ethical standards and strict membership requirements insure that the members represent the highest standards of the profession.

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