Posting Guidelines

Blog Purpose

  1. To serve as a source of current and relevant information regarding the security industry for its visitors.
  2. To acquaint the public with the IAPSC, particularly its mission, ethics, services and professional advantage of membership.
  3. To create an opportunity for IAPSC members to serve as contributors of the material posted on the Blog.


  1. Only members of the IAPSC may post information on the Blog.
  2. All information submitted for posting on the Blog will be reviewed and edited by Blog Administrators for brevity, relevance, ethics and similar issues to ensure public benefit and the image of the IAPSC.
  3. The Blog Administrators have the authority to edit or delete comments if they are not consistent with the interests or reputation of the IAPSC.
  4. Since the Blog is intended to provide the public and IAPSC members with current and relevant information regarding the security industry, personal promotion and advertising is limited to the contributor’s name, phone number and/or website.
  5. Submit material to be posted to and a Blog Administrator will post the material for you.
  6. Contributors are solely responsible for the content of their posts and comments including grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  7. Headings of postings will be short, clear and capture the essence of the work. Avoid posting material with either the subject or body in all capital letters.

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