The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has opened for public comment the next revision of the NFPA 730: Premises Security Guide. What is important for you to note is that NFPA is proposing to change the NFPA 730 Guide to a Code. IAPSC is strongly opposing this change and has submitted a comment form and letter to the NFPA.

Click here to download IAPSC’s comment letter to the NFPA

While the NFPA may be well intended in its efforts to develop security guidelines and standards, the Association lacks the requisite skill, knowledge and experience in the security industry to enter into the development of a national premises security code. The proposed draft of NFPA 730 demonstrates that lack of knowledge regarding the complexities of managing security programs and understanding the specific security needs of a wide range of businesses and organizations. The draft of NFPA 730 is replete with numerous vague, unclear and undefined terms.

The legal implications of making NFPA 730 into national code are far-reaching and significant. In the civil liability context, in some jurisdictions a violation of code can constitute negligence per se (i.e., absolute liability – the mere failure to comply with the code results in liability imposed by a court) and in others, evidence of negligence. At the very least, the failure to comply with code can lead to substantial fines and the possible loss of a business license (for example, if a hotel were to lose its occupancy permit due to a code violation, then the hotel would be put out of business).

As a representative of the security industry, it is critical that you help in opposing this significant proposed change, by submitting your own comment form. There is strength in numbers: the more comment forms submitted, the more attention this matter is likely to receive.

Comments are due to the NFPA on or before November 16, 2012.

Address your comment form to:
National Fire Protection Association
Attn.: Secretary, Standards Council
1 Batterymarch Park ∙ Quincy, MA 02169-7471  -or-
Fax to:  (617) 770-3500   -or
Email to:

Information on the proposed changes:
NFPA 730 First Draft Report (PDF) for the proposed next edition and submission of comments via the NFPA Public Comment form.

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Sennewald Publishes 4th Edition of “Security Consulting”

Chuck Sennewald’s latest book, Security Consulting, 4th Ed. will be released November 15th.  The original edition was published in 1989, five years after the founding of the IAPSC.

This book is vastly enhanced and expanded from the original work, including specific topics heretofore not included, such as IT Consulting. This newest edition includes a number of chapters and contributions by numerous IAPSC members.

The book should prove a continued valuable resource for those preparing for the CSC certification examination.

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Hospital Staffing Metrics Article

IAPSC Member Karim H. Vellani, CPP, CSC has been working on a hospital security staffing benchmark project for the past two years. Below is the article, “Staffing Benchmarks: How Many Security Officers are Enough?” written by Vellani, Robert J. Emery, and Nathan Parker, which tells the story to date:

“Because of the unique role they fulfill within their communities, hospitals often serve as a hub of human activity. In the U.S., hospitals employ over 5,000,000 individuals, making it the second largest source of private sector jobs in the country (AHA 2012). In 2008, hospitals in the U.S. treated 123,000,000 people in their emergency departments, provided care for 624,000,000 outpatients, performed 27,000,000 surgeries, and delivered 4,000,000 babies (AHA 2012). Unfortunately, accompanying this massive amount of human activity is a variety of security risks.” read more >

Security Consultant John M. White CPP, CHPA of Protection Management, LLC, was recently interviewed by HCPro regarding infant abductions from hospitals.  To read the release go to the Protection Management, LLC website or follow this link to Security Consultant News.

Posted by: John M. White, CPP, CHPA | September 11, 2012

Free Workplace Violence Prevention Poster Now Available for Businesses

Protection Management, LLC has released a poster titled, “Anatomy of Workplace Violence.”  This poster is being offered at no costs to businesses.  To get a copy of the poster go to the company website by following this link Security Consultant and subscribe to the mailing list on any page.  Copies of the poster will be mailed out in October 2012.

Protection Management, LLC announces that their principal Security Consultant John M. White, CPP CHPA was recently published in the Journal of Healthcare Protection Management Volume 28, Number 2, in a story titled, “Forensic Patients – who is watching them?”  There is a tug-of-war going on between hospitals and law enforcement on who will guard the prisoners of law enforcement officials, according to White.  To read the entire article check out our Security Consultant News information.

Protection Management, LLC is an independent security consulting firm serving all of North America, with offices in California and Ohio.

Posted by: John M. White, CPP, CHPA | September 11, 2012

Security Expert John M. White, CPP, CHPA Published in “Directions”

Security Expert John M. White, CPP, CHPA, of Protection Management, LLC. was recently published in the IAHSS publication “Directions.”  White provided information for hospitals to consider if they are neighbors with a school.  In his article he wrote about security and logistic concerns that schools can present to any neighboring business, and what steps that a business can take to plan for the unexpected.

To read the article follow this link to Security Consultant News.

Mr. White’s article is titled; “Security’s Role In Morgue Operations: Needed – A Foolproof Plan.”

Healthcare security is changing fast as a result of the increased violence in the healthcare setting.  Just this week alone there have been two shootings within hospitals in two different states.  According to Homeland Security News Wire, “Over the past decade, hospitals across the nation have been subject to an alarming increase in violent incidents; in the last five years alone, there has been nearly a 300 percent increase in the number of reported homicides, assaults, and rapes compared to the previous five years.”

So with this serious problem unfolding daily, why would some hospitals use their security staff for duties not related to security?  It is past time to make positive changes within Healthcare Security according to Mr. White, security’s role must be to protect and keep the environment safe so that the medical staff can provide quality healthcare.

John has over 14 years in healthcare security management experience, and has been quoted and published in several professional journals and news sources.  To see this most recent article click on the link below or go to the Protection Management website at Protection Management, LLC.

Security’s Role In Morgue Operations

Posted by: richgrassie | February 29, 2012

IAPSC Members Quoted in Electrical Distributor Magazine

Members Mike Jackson and Edward Dublois were recently quoted for an article in Electrical Distributor on the subject of Smart and Secure Branch Exposure Mitigation.  See link below for the article.

TEDMagazine – Smart & Secure Mitigating a Branchs Exposure Feb 2012

Posted by: richgrassie | February 29, 2012

Mike Jackson Interviewed on Workplace Violence

One of our members, Mike Jackson, was recently interviewed regarding Workplace Violence prevention.  To read the article from BedTimes magazine click the link below.

BedTimes – Workplace Violence Prevention Oct 2011

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